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Spanish Army 1808-10

I thought I might get out what I have painted so far. I am quite pleased at how this army is coming together. Not so pleased with how long it is taking me. Mind you, I have done a British Peninsular army, some pirates, fantasy figures and Anglo-Zulu War armies in the middle of it so perhaps I shouldn’t be beating myself up too much.

The bulk of the figures are Elite Miniatures. I get mine from Nathan Vinson at Elite Miniatures Australia. Having a supplier so close and who is such a great guy to deal with is a god-send.  I have been getting good use out of the standard Spanish March Attack figures – they are being used as line infantry, guard units and marine infantry. On the workbench at the moment is one being painted as brown coated militia.

The rest of the figures are Front Rank and some Perry. I have used Perry Carlist War figures for some of my Spanish Militia Battalions. Almost forgot – there is a single battalion of Brigade games Spanish Militia as well. Also a single Eureka figure and some East Ridign Miniatures Monks.

I really like the Spanish Army of the ‘early period’ up to about 1811. The myriad of uniforms and strange little units will keep me busy for some time to come I suspect.

28mm Royal Navy Landing Party (Brigade Games)

My first unit completed this year. Finished them last week but only just got around to posting.  Another beautiful summer day at the Woolshed.

A unit of Royal Navy Sailors on shore duty. These figures are from Brigade Games and are wonderful little miniatures. I only wish I had the skill and patience to do them the full justice they deserved. For an example of that look here. However, saying that, for my level of competency I am pretty happy with them.




reduc_IMG_1690I thought that my landing party needed some artillery support so also made this artillery base. I am particularly happy with how this base turned out. Perhaps because I have been using round bases for my Zulu Wars British Artillery I decided to make this battery a one-piece model rather than two separate artillery bases. Anyway, it made a change from rectangular Napoleonic bases.





28mm Spanish Guerrilla Leaders (various manufacturers)

Yesterday I knocked out three Spanish guerrilla leaders for my burgeoning Spanish irregular collection.  Manufacturers are Front Rank, Brigade Games and Eureka Miniatures.

A little background – a few months back my gaming buddy Roly gave me some bits and bobs he had left over from his own Peninsular War armies.  A dozen Front Rank guerrillas were included in this lot. I have just finished painting them today but not photographed as yet. To lead them I have painted this Front Rank miniature. He is  Don Gabriel Alvarado del Costa, also known by his nom-de-guerre ‘El Rolissimo’.


ImageNext up is that scourge of the French, Comandante Teresa Moreno.  She is a Brigade Games miniature from their excellent Spanish guerrilla range.  She is a crack shot with her Baker rifle, and known as La Aguja ‘the Needle, and not because of her skill with embroidery.




Finally we have the more than slightly mad monk, Father Salbatore, known as El Abad “the Abbot”. He hates the godless French and shows them no mercy.  He is a Eureka Miniatures figure from their Tyrolean Militia 1797-1809 range.



28mm Spanish Infantry Brigade Completed

It only took most of the year but I have finally finished my first Spanish infantry brigade. With my British troops already painted I could actually have a Peninsular War game now – as long as the Anglo-Spanish don’t want any cavalry support.

Marching in the bright Spanish sun is the Milicias de Prov de Oviedo.  You can tell that by the flag – apparently.


The battalion deploys for battle.  These are Perry Miniatures Carlist war infantry. The Basque berets are not exactly right but who cares I say.

ImageThe eagle eyed among you may spot an Elite Miniatures regular officer leading this regiment.


Three battalions of Militia head off to face the French. The battalion in the background is made of Brigade Games Spanish Militia and can be seen here.

ImageAnother shot of the Oviedo Militia marching through a small village.

ImageTheir brigade is joined by a battalion of Regulars from the La Reina Regiment.

ImageThe brigade deployed for battle with partisans on the flank to harry the French.

Image Next step in this army is the raising of some cavalry support. Elite Miniatures Australia is now selling Spanish dragoons, so I will get some of those in due course.

28mm Spanish Militia (Volontarios des Cuidad Rodrigo)

My latest unit and the first of my 28mm Spanish Napoleonic project. These figures are from Brigade Games.  The codes are Spanish Rebels I, Spanish Rebels II, Spanish Rebels III and Spanish Rebels Command 1. The Officer commanding is a single model code Spanish General.  I also brought Spanish Rebel Woman with Musket but did not include her in this unit. She will be painted separately as part of a guerrilla unit.  She bears more than a passing resemblance to “Teresa” from the Sharpe TV Series.  These models are fabulous. Nice detail, no flash worth mentioning and pretty easy to paint. I did not use any reference material for these guys so just painted them how I thought they should look. The Brigade Games range do not have a standard bearer so I converted a guerrilla who had a pistol in his left hand to instead be holding a flag.  The flag is one I found on the internet, re-sized and printed.


The models are based on laser cut mdf bases from Australian company Back-2-Base-ix.