ACW Union Infantry – Perry Miniatures

When it comes to wargaming bandwagons I am a lot like Corporal Jones from Dad’s army – always a step behind everyone else.

In my lead/plastic mountain I had two boxes of the original Perry Plastic ACW infantry and  box of Zouaves. Where or how I acquired these I just cannot remember but I suspect at a bring and buy at a convention. I know I actually brought a box of Perry ACW Cavalry from Scott at Kapiti Hobbies some time ago that I converted into British Zulu Wars Auxiliary cavalry.

Anyway,  late or not to this party, I have entered the wonderful world of 28mm ACW.

I decided to go with 24-30 figure regiments as standard. This is the firing line regiment.

8 thoughts on “ACW Union Infantry – Perry Miniatures”

  1. Niiiiiiice! As I have just over 3.2 million projects in the go I am about a thousand steps behind you haha. I have long wanted to paint an army of union and confederate troops for gaming and/or dioramas etc.


    1. I think this could be what I need to satisfy desire for flags and cool looking units without having to worry about painting collars and cuffs and piping.

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  2. I’m working on Sash and Saber ACW figures myself. These Perry’s look great and I think the S and S and Perry figures will go together on the tabletop.


  3. A great start to a new project there Brian. Very smart indeed, and I fully understand the appeal of not having to paint facings for a while.


    1. I have completed three regiments since the start of the year Lawrence – onto a fourth now. A mix of Redoubt and Perry in the same unit – they look OK I think but basing will tell I guess. Also just got a few Adventure Miniatures from Australia as a tester. Really like them – they do tower over the usual slender Perry’s though.


    1. They are a bit clunky and wooden but not too bad for all that – I have a regiment marching as well and they are even more ‘toy soldier’ like.


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