3rd Dutch Guard Grenadiers (Foundry Miniatures)

Back in about 2012 my old mate Bernard Dobbie gave me a box of Foundry Dutch Guard Grenadiers. A regiment set that I think came pre-primed.

This box set has sat in my Woolshed since then and I finally got around to painting them. Better late than never. I based these on 40x40mm bases – mainly because that is what the rest of my French infantry is based on. For my Spanish and British I have gone with 40x50mm which gives the base a bit more depth and I hoped would offer some protection to British bayonets in my various firing line battalions. I ended up liking how it looked and continued on that way with the metals I painted.

I dropped one officer figure out and replaced it with an Essex guard sapper. These guys are true 25mm I think – next to more modern 28s they are midgets but another nice regiment to bolster my French guards.

Anyway, enough rambling. These were mostly painted last week in Wellington, whilst I camped in my camper trailer parked up at the beach.


3 thoughts on “3rd Dutch Guard Grenadiers (Foundry Miniatures)”

  1. Very nice and I quite like the Foundry French Napoleonics. Some of the Perry twins’ earliest work and I think they still stand the test of time.


  2. Hi do you have make or manufacturer of these Grenadiers,
    I was enlisted in the Garde Grenadiers at ” Saksen Weimar” kazerne Arnhem 1983-1984, and I’m into model making
    regards H Janssen


    1. Hi there. Thanks for commenting. They are manufactured by Wargames Foundry from the UK. An internet search will find their website. Cheers, Brian.


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