Minifigs Riflemen and Cacadores

More gloss enamel shiny coated old minifigs. Note that even the stones on the bases are glossy. Two small units of British Riflemen and Portuguese Cacadores. I have not used these guys on the table top in so long. Perhaps they will get an outing over Christmas.


3 thoughts on “Minifigs Riflemen and Cacadores”

  1. Minifigs were always my go-to along with everyone else I knew, until I first discovered Front Rank. I initially started by purchasing half a dozen Russian Jager buglers to base alongside my Minifigs officers, not having a clue about how much bigger figures had become during my fifteen year absence from the hobby, let alone how much more detailed.

    Lovely looking old blokes there Brian, and it really tugs at the old nostalgia chords seeing them (although I don’t miss having to wait six hours for each coat of Humbrol to dry).


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