Portuguese 2nd (Lagos) Regiment

My first completed Napoleonic unit since January last year. I actually had these guys undercoated and the first dabs of colour on them at that time but fell into a depressive funk and they sat on the painting table until last week. I actually feel as if I have my Napoleonic mojo back – a good thing as I have three regiments of British and Spanish Cavalry staring at me at the moment.

I painted these guys with no real reference material so was pleasantly to find that according to my copy of Military Dress of the Peninsular War there was indeed a regiment with white cuffs, blue collars and red piping.

2nd (Lagos) Infantry. 28mm Elite Miniatures models supplied by Nathan at Elite Miniatures Australia.

5 thoughts on “Portuguese 2nd (Lagos) Regiment”

    1. Thanks for the kind comment Mark. Forgotten how much I actually like painting Napoleonics – apart from hussars. Detest them. They hate me too.


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