Minifigs Portuguese c1985-ish

These have been lurking a long time in boxes and at the very back of the model cabinet. Old Minifigs. I am pretty sure that they are British infantry painted as Portuguese but they may in fact be actual Minifigs Portuguese miniatures – I am just not sure. I was thinking of rebasing these to my current basing system and using them next game. Anyway, enjoy some Old School Naps.

For comparison – these are my latest Portuguese infantry.

2 thoughts on “Minifigs Portuguese c1985-ish”

  1. Can I be contrary and say I prefer those to your newer one’s?? Not the painting or whatever, just the figure style.. :o))


  2. One thing about minifigs is that they used to work pretty well 1/72nd scale Airfix in the day. They were fatter of course, but not much taller.


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