Stone Walls – made from stone.

Courtesy of gravel chips off the road when the road was resealed. I swept a few plastic bags full – have enough stone chips for modelling projects for the next hundred years I think.

Balsa wood bases, stone chips glued on with PVA.  When dry spray painted matt black and drybrushed with a grey, then a house paint remarkably similar in colour to GW “Bleached Bone”. Some flock and done.

I had made some stone walls ages ago but left them as natural stone – decided to try painting these ones and was glad I did.  Making these reminded me that I really have to fix some fences on my actual property.

6 thoughts on “Stone Walls – made from stone.”

  1. Oh my God you have patience Brian! They look fantastic!

    I can appreciate the work because I did this exact thing nearly thirty years ago using pieces of red chip provided by the then Auckland City Council (that I gathered from the footpath outside the flat – at night of course so that the neighbours would not have even greater doubt about my sanity). However, I only made a few pieces, then made a mould of them…they became the masters for the thousands of pieces we sold in the Military Miniatures range in the next fifteen years!


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