Custom Cavalry Casualty Bases

I recently took delivery of my custom 70mm Cavalry Casualty bases from Warbases,  The first two completed bases are Perry Miniatures Dutch/Belgians doing duty as French cavalry. I wanted them to take a fallen horse without any of the model hanging over the edge. While a bit larger than a dice marker, I hope they will add a visual aspect to my next wargame.

A French Dragoon



A French Chasseur (this was a Dutch/Belgian Light Dragoon)




5 thoughts on “Custom Cavalry Casualty Bases”

  1. I expected these to look good when you mentioned them on your last infantry “Casualty Bases” post a couple of months ago, but these have surpassed expectations.

    That dragoon looks particularly fed-up with it all…


  2. Thanks chaps. I have five more cavalry casualty figures on the painting table. Some Saxons, more French and a French Chasseur who is going to pretend to be a British Light Dragoon. Also some artillery casualties to base up.


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