28mm Spanish Artillery: Elite Miniatures

It has been ages since I have finished painting anything. I spent the last two months barely touching a paint brush. Hopefully that little ‘I can’t be bothered’ patch is over until the next time.

I have just finished this 28mm Elite Miniatures Spanish artillery battery. I painted up four guns and crews so depending on the rule-set used I can field one or two batteries (or four as the case may be). The figures themselves are typically “Elite”. Some wacky poses – I love the Battery Officers. Whenever I look at them I cannot help but think of some variety show with a guy in a Spanish uniform with a glued on moustache singing “Lady of Spain” to the strains of an accordion band.

Once again my uniform research was unsurpassed – I googled images of Spanish Artillery and tried to copy what others had done. I am not sure exactly what colour the gun carriages should be given that I have seen red, blue, grey, brown and white.  I settled for a blue-grey.  These Elite guns are huge. I had done a battery of Perry French Foot Artillery and had based them on 50x75mm bases. For these guys I went 50x100mm and they still feel somewhat cramped.







ImageAnd finally a Spanish Infantry battalion marching down a country lane and enjoying the Spanish sun.


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