Leipzig Game: More info.

John Hutton, the esteemed organiser and referee for the Project Leipzig game held 5-6 Oct, sent us a few photos (all these photos are courtesy of John Hutton).  He also provided these details.

– 38 players, plus Napoleon’s Aide de Comp and other camp followers.

– Twenty 6’x4′ tables, for a total of 720 square feet of gaming board (not counting reserve tables);

– French had 160 units of infantry, 52 cavalry, and 40 batteries;

– Allies had 196 units of infantry, 63 cavalry and 51 batteries;

– For a total of around 8544 foot miniatures, 1380 cavalry miniatures, and 182 cannon on the table (not counting command figures or limbers).

Heavy fighting in the southern sectors.


The entire table at the conclusion of the the first day’s fighting.


Napoleon (Steve Sands) briefing the French commanders. I am the joker in the cowboy hat.


Steve had an ADC who ran all orders to his subordinate commanders. This little guy lasted the entire weekend and did a sterling job.


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