A night (well a few weeks) at the Museum


The Whanganui Regional Museum is a top rate museum – a gem for a small provincial town like Wanganui.  If you are ever holidaying in New Zealand and go to the picturesque riverside town of  Wanganui, please visit the Regional Museum. My favourite exhibit is the great Maori War canoe “Te Mata o Hoturoa.  This vessel was used in combat and still has bullet holes along it’s hull.  Empress Miniatures needs to make one of these in resin for the Maori War’s Range of minis that they make.


Anyways, I was asked to put on a display of miniatures as part of a retro-gaming themed display that was run during the last school holidays. They had a lot of old school video games (like Donkey Kong and Spacies) and while I am not sure that wargaming is completely ‘retro’, I think it added a little something to the week.  I also put on a participation games of Wild West Skirmish using The Rules With No Name – but to be honest, I mostly fudged and made stuff up. I met a few guys who are local wargamers and entertained a bunch of kids for a few hours. It was fun.

I apologise for the quality of the photos but I took them with my cell phone just before I packed up and took all my toys home.

The display case was quite neat – and try as I might I could not fit it in the back of the 4×4. I tried to throw in a bit of everything that I have. There was a lot of interest and there is the distinct possibility of a Wanganui Wargaming Club being resurrected.  There is also the possibility that the museum may be interested in providing a space.


In this picture you can see my Kapiti Fusiliers badge. Although the Fusiliers are now in hiatus, I am very proud of my Fusilier name badge.  Here you can see some 15mm WWII and Napoleonic 1200th Naval vessels (made from balsa).


Some Wild West up top and my 15mm New Zealand forces for Flames of War (or other games as required).


A Wild West hotel (and that is Al Swearengen up there).


Warhammer 40K Models (Space Marines and old school metal Necrons). Some Bretonnian knights top left.


4 thoughts on “A night (well a few weeks) at the Museum”

  1. It was a good weekend thanks for your efforts. It has also created a bit of action at our place. My 10 year old adopting the wild west rules to his WW2 version with photocopied model cards and a chance to get the 1/72 stuff out again. We had the normal result he won again. The 5 year old has been up painting his roman infantry, table carpet dog etc and even dad has finished a couple more units for old bony.



  2. Thanks Julian. I will be getting touch soon. Never fear. The director at the Museum is supportive of the space being used. The idea of having real wargames in a museum is kind of cool. Glad to hear the kids are ripping into it. Tell them I want a game with their new rules.


  3. Great display, Brian. I like the way you selected a little from so many periods, rather than having a lot on one period – it made a very interesting looking display, with something for everyone.

    I agree, a war canoe by Empress would be terrific!


    1. I thought it might appeal to more people that way. Who knows. I had fun anyway and they want us back.


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