Big Dave – A big FU!UKing Orc

Today’s Orcy Update is Big Dave. For my purposes he will be a Kings of War Krudger (an Orc Champion). I have had the figure for a long time (like maybe ten years but I honestly cannot remember) and only painted him in the last few days. He comes from the Frothers Unite-UK range of sometimes available figures. He is a great sculpt and I am glad I brought him, whenever that was.  He is, at least according to the FU!UK ‘store’  still available from Frothers  for £4 including postage anywhere in the world which is a pretty good bargain.

He has the traditional Orcy look favoured by sculptors since the cartoony look was popularised by (and I am guessing here) Games Workshop back in the 90s. However, he has a more gritty visage than the GW variants and I would have loved to see the sculptor who made him actually do a range of orcs.

He was a two part figure. The humongous axe and hands were a separate piece to the rest of the mini.  As I am wont to do I drilled and pinned his hands before gluing together.  He is armoured in an impressive boiler-suit of armour that, as far as I can see, has no way into or out of it. That may be why Big Dave scowls so much.

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