Portuguese Line Artillery – Elite Miniatures

The second unit I finished this week was some artillery support for my budding Portuguese brigade. The gunners are all Elite Miniatures purchased from Elite Miniatures Australia. The guns are plastic Victrix British artillery.  I picked the set up cheaply – mostly for the guns rather than the gunner figures. I am sure I will find a use for them at some stage though.

I think that this year’s NapCon will have a Peninsular War theme, so I want to get as many unit completed before hand as I can. Still to do for my Allied forces – three regiments of Spanish Cavalry (Line, Dragoon and Hussar) and another British Light Dragoon regiment, several Spanish regiments and some other odds and sods stuff.

My army is themed around 1808-1811 so all my Portuguese are in the barrentina shako.


8 thoughts on “Portuguese Line Artillery – Elite Miniatures”

  1. Thanks Carlo. I like them and Nathan is such a great guy to do business with. Just basing the third unit I finished this week – Cacadores.


    1. I have never really used them before. I want to have at least two Portuguese brigades in my Peninsular Army.


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