Zulu Wars: uThulwana Regiment “The Dust Raisers”

My Napoleonic armies tend towards being represented as wearing  campaign dress.  I like the somewhat ragged look and non-uniform uniform look if you will.  But I do have a few units in Full Dress.

Same goes for my Zulu Army. I had to have at least one unit wearing parade dress, if for no other reason than they were on sale at 50% off!  Black Tree Design have a couple of sets of troops representing the uThulwana Regiment. The eight figure poses give enough variety even in a large thirty-six figure unit as I have used them for.  These figures could easily be used for any senior regiment in parade dress.

uThulwana were in the reserve at Isandlwana and for the most part saw no action in that battle. It later took part in the unsuccessful attack on Rorke’s Drift.

uThulwana was raised in 1850, it’s ranks filled with mature married men in their middle age.  The regiment boasted some famous former recruits, with both Prince Cetshwayo and his brother Prince Mbuyazi having served in it’s ranks before they fought a civil war to decide who took the throne.  I am guessing that Prince Mbuyazi’s name wasn’t mentioned too many times at regimental dinners and reunions after 1856.

Various sources have uThulwana shields as white with some small red patches.



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