Heavy Metal: 40K Terminators

Now first off – I did not paint these miniatures. I brought them at a convention bring-and-buy I am guessing ten or more years ago. I have never played W40K but took an instant like to these. I got pretty much a whole playable army (I am guessing) that is almost all in metal figures for the cost of perhaps two squads at current Games Workshop prices for plastics. I am talking about three full ten man squads of infantry, a landspeeder, a couple of vehicles and a bike squad, the terminator squad and some specialist figures (librarians and such like).  I have added a few new units – a battle trike and a tech marine/servitors.

I particularly liked the decals used – and have never found out where they are from or who made them. If I did I might expand this army and start playing a few games.   If any New Zealand readers know who painted these, and could point me to where the decals came from I would appreciate it.



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