40K Old School

I have never had a game of Warhammer 40K. I pretty much know nothing about the game or how it plays other than a lot of spotty little guys seem to love playing it. I think I threw a few dice once in a Games Workshop store when some over-eager lad tried to show me how cool it was.  However, eight years ago I brought some models ready painted at a convention, figuring that my son might like to play. He was not that enthused so they have sat untouched since then.  The models are all old school – which I kind of like the look of. I have added a few units and models – which kind of makes me one of the aforementioned spotty little guys I guess. This post will highlight some of the vehicles in my 40K Army. I think the Chapter is the Garish Angels or something like that.

First off we have the Whirlwind.  This model is really unbalanced. I don’t mean in game terms either. The rocket launchers on the back are metal and the body is plastic. It seriously needs a counterweight glued to the front end as it has an alarming tendency to pull wheelies.


Here we have the classic Predator Tank with Twin Las Canons, Double-Overhead foxtails and a mini-bar. The base kit is plastic but it has metal sponsons and a full metal turret. I got this kit in pieces in an internet trade for $5.00 including postage.


I tried to paint it to match the livery of the models I got in the trade.


When it comes to Old School, nothing says it like a Full Metal Landspeeder.  This is a great kit, but will have to go on a bigger base as it is also chronically top heavy. I like the look way more than the new plastic kits.


These guys look like they are riding a flying gun.  The modern Landspeeder looks like a flying jeep to me.


Lastly, this bike squad is made from the first edition of these models.  I added the trike to round out the squad. I have no idea if they are used together, but thought they looked cool.


and a final shot.


If anyone can tell me who painted the original models I would love to know.


9 thoughts on “40K Old School”

  1. Yeah, those are some bold ‘I dare ya to shoot at me!’ colors.
    Very nice in their way.

    Seeing this also reminds me that I’ve got a the Dark Angels’ version of that land speeder still in its box… somewhere in the Closet Of Doom. Maybe it’s time I put some glue and paint to it.


  2. Given the games of 40K I have seen being played, avoiding being seen is not that important in the rules:) I imagine there are a lot of those old models in closets around the world. I have a couple of the all metal dreadnoughts to paint as well. My son painted one of the plastic ones when he was about ten or so – I should post it actually as it is quite flash.


  3. Garish Angels indeed. Since I started playing 40K back in Rogue Trader (1st edition), I owned all of those in Dark Angels Black/Green at one time. Haven’t played in several years though. I have one army left, my Eldar, that see light in occasional games of 5150.


  4. Yeah I thought that but they have that cowled deaths head with a sickle logo on their shoulders- so perhaps they are a spin-off chapter.


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