Tramps #2: The Pink Lady

The Pink Lady (Converted Type S Scout/Courier)

Type S Pink Lady Thumb

This vessel has been heavily converted to operate as a bar and bordello. Jump drives and fuel tanks have been removed so it is limited to in-system voyages. When moving system to system, the vessel requires transport on some other Jump capable starship.

While the owner and crew can be accommodated on board (using staterooms and lounge conversions) they are usually accommodated off ship when and where possible.

Farla Ilishiugi (Business Owner)

Str 6 (+0) Dex 6 (+0) End 8 (+0) Int 9 (+1) Edu 9 (+1) Soc 8 (+0)

Skills: Admin 2, Computer 1, Pilot (Non Starships) 0, Streetwise 3, Advocate 1, Gambler 1, Persuade 1, Steward 2, Trade 1, Broker 1, Acting 2, Deception 2

Story: Farla Ilishiugi is the bar owner and madam of The Pink Lady, an iconic space ship known throughout the sector. The Pinky Lady is a converted Scout/Courier, stripped of jump drives and almost all fuel tankage to make room for the bar area and “staterooms”. Farla began her career working bars and clubs catering to asteroid belt miners and parlayed common sense and good money management into her own establishment. She is smart, knows how to deal with local authorities and is a good source of information – for a price.

Doug McMillan (Bouncer, 3 Terms)

Str 10 (+1) Dex 9 (+1) End 9 (+1) Int 8 (+0) Edu 6 (+0) Soc 5 (-1)

Skills: Pilot (Non Starships) 1, Gun Combat (Pistols) 1, Streetwise 1, Persuade 2, Drive (Wheeled) 0, Fly (Grav Vehicles) 1, Investigate 0, Deception 0, Melee (Unarmed Combat 1), Melee (Bludgeons) 3, Athletics (weights) 1, Mechanic 1, Engineer (Life Support) 0.

Story: Loyal worker and security for The Pink Lady. He is polite, professional and wicked with a stun stick. Doubles as pilot and general Mr Fix-it on the ship.

Sarah Goldsmith (Worker, 2 Terms)

Str 6 (+0) Dex 8 (+0) End 7 (+0) Int 8 (+0) Edu 6 (+0) Soc 6 (+0)

Skills: Drive (Wheeled) 0, Fly (Grav) 0, Seafarer (Motor boats) 0, Streetwise 1, Steward 2, Trade (Barman) 2, Carouse 2, Melee (Unarmed Combat) 1.

Story: Sarah is a good bar-sophont. She is attractive and knows how to mix most popular drinks by hand, rather than using the automated Cocktail-omat. Handy for when it breaks down. Been working on the Lady for a year and enjoys the adventure.

Corine Blindisi (Receptionist/Manager/Medic, 2 Terms)

Str 10 (+1) Dex 8 (+0) End 9 (+1) Int 7 (+0) Edu 7 (+0) Soc 7 (+0)

Skills: Drive (Wheeled) 0, Fly (Grav Vehicles) 0, Streetwise 1, Steward 2, Trade (Service industry) 1, Medic 1, Gun Combat (Stunners) 1, Admin 1.

Story: Corine’s job on the Lady is to look after the talent. Farla usually employs local talent where ever she sets up shop and it is Corine’s job to look after the day to day operation of ‘below decks’ – doing routine med-scans of both clients and staff, managing their time and of course, the money. Not the job she thought she would land but it got her off her dead-end home world.

Pink Lady Talent

Typically the Pink Lady operates with 2-3 servers working the bar and between 2-6 working girls/boys. Some stay for some time, but most are short term hires on a percentage of earnings. Farla has a reputation of looking after her staff and it is well earned.

Alternative Pink Lady

In this version the ship is a totally non-functioning starship that has been converted to a bar at the local Startown. It is one of those places that everyone knows. I mean how many pink Type S bars are there in Startown?


  1. Planetfall Liberty. You are back in port after your last mission/trading journey/adventure and are looking to blow off some steam. The famous Pink Lady is in port. Why not visit it and see if her reputation is justified.
  2. Indentured Worker. In this version the Pink Lady’s downstairs staff are not free agents but indentured workers. The bargirl or boy you are carousing with tells you s/he wants to get away – will you help her/him jump contract? She/He is pretty persuasive and very cute.
  3. A job. Farla Ilishiugi hears of your reputation and offers you a job. Local organized crime are trying to muscle in on her operation and are demanding a percentage (you know – to avoid accidents and the like). The percentage is more than she is prepared to pay so wants some protection for the next two months. Discrete protection. Preferably outside the ship protection.
  4. A lead tells you that some specific information you are looking for could be obtained from the owner of the Pink Bar. She has the information, but wants something in return.
    1. Information on a rival’s business and financial dealings – specifically who and what business they are doing with the people that run this particular place.
    2. One of her ‘girls’ got kidnapped. Maybe a rival but more than likely an infatuated customer. Either way, get her back.
    3. One of her ‘girls’ has skipped on her contract. She owes six months more work. Get her back.


100 dton Pink Lady

Plans with crew, staff and customers over the break.

100 dton Pink Lady Loaded


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