Tramps #1 The Gypsy Rover

The first in a series.  I had a bit of fun with this. Wanted to do something a bit different and I don’t think I bent the rules too much.  I have not done this vessel in Mongoose Traveller but have stats for both GURPS and High Guard.

First off – the ship in GURPS format – made with the wonderful Gurps Modular Vehicles software package.


140-ton Unique-class Free Trader, MV Gypsy Rover (TL10)

Crew: 2-4

Design: 140-ton SL (FSL) Hull, DR 100, 1 Full Rotation Barbette (0.8 dtons available; DR 100) with one 250 Mj Std Laser, one Sand Caster [200], one Lt Missile Rack [82], one Lt Missile Turret Load [x82], one Sand Caster Quarter Load [x50].

Modules: Basic Bridge, 3 Jump Drive, 20 Maneuver Drive (800 stons thrust), 14 Cryonic Internal Tank (Fire 13), Sm Fuel Processor, Utility, 8 Stateroom, Emergency Aid Station, 1 Hold, Smuggler’s, 50 Hold, Spacedock (10-ton Launch).

Statistics: EMass 297.08 stons, LMass 552.08 stons, Cost MCr22.9, HP: 22,500 (DT 2,250), Size Modifier: +8, HT 12, Maint. 4.2 Hrs (23 man-hrs./day).

Performance: Jump-1, sAccel 1.45 G / 1.49 G (empty tanks), Air Speed 600 mph, Dodge 1 + 1/2 Pilot Skill (-4 vs Meson Fire).

Printed with GMV Version 2.32.01 on 8/06/2015 7:14:19 p.m.
Copyright © 2015 by Brian Smaller


High Guard

Tech Level: 10


AX-1411111-030000-10001-0 MCr 44.296 140 Tons

Bat Bear                                 1          1    1   Crew: 2

Bat                                          1          1      1   TL: 10

Cargo: 50.800 Crew Sections: 1 of 2 Fuel: 15.400 EP: 1.400 Agility: 0

Craft: 1 x 10T Launch

Fuel Treatment: Fuel Scoops and On Board Fuel Purification

Detailed Description

(High Guard Design)


140.000 tons standard, 1,960.000 cubic meters, Close Structure Configuration


Pilot, Gunner


Jump-1, 1G Manuever, Power plant-1, 1.400 EP, Agility 0


Bridge, Model/1 Computer


1 Hardpoint


1 Triple Mixed Turret with: 1 Beam Laser (Factor-1), 1 Missile Rack (Factor-1).


1 Sandcaster in the Mixed Turret, organised into 1 Battery (Factor-3)


1 10.000 ton Launch (Crew of 0, Cost of MCr 0.000)


15.400 Tons Fuel (1 parsecs jump and 28 days endurance)

On Board Fuel Scoops, On Board Fuel Purification Plant


6 Staterooms, 50.800 Tons Cargo

The GYPSY ROVER – a unique 140D-Ton Tramp Trader

The Gypsy Rover is a unique starship. It is a jump capable ship cobbled together from parts of other vessels. The main hulls are two 50-Dton modular cutters. The cutter modules on this ship are not readily detachable and changing them would take some serious effort. The ship is streamlined but unwieldy, requiring careful piloting during critical times such as entering or leaving atmospheres and during wilderness refueling. The ship cannot enter atmosphere with the small 10-Dton shuttle attached. This is either left in orbit or flown down separately if required. Originally built by Eneri and Will’s father Gil Macklin, it has been well maintained and despite its odd appearance is a solid and reliable ship. The Gypsy Rover is usually found on the Jump 1 main but occasionally it can be found further afield; demountable internal tanks in the cargo space can be used to give her longer legs.

The important thing about this ship is that while is it a trading vessel it is also the home of the Macklin Family. They live here and have converted it to be as comfortable as any housing hab planet-side. Sometimes they take passengers (there are two cramped middle passage berths available). Passengers eat and live with the family, for the most part, so they are fairly particular about who they sell passage to.

The Family (I generated these characters using Mongoose Traveller and some tweaking.

Eneri Macklin, his wife Mika and their four children (ranging from eight year old twins, Grif and Zander, their music loving son 14 year old Steve and their computer whizz daughter 16 year old Sha).   Also aboard is Eneri’s younger brother Will and his girlfriend, Fujiko.

Eneri Macklin

Age: 42, 3 Terms: Merchant (Crew), 3 Terms (Free Trader)

Str 8 (+0) Dex 7 (+0) End 8 (+0) Int 10 (+1) Edu 8 (+0) Soc 5 (-1)

Skills: Computers 1, Vacc Suit 1, Broker 1, Mechanic 1, Persuade 1, Zero G 1, Advocate 1, Leadership 2, Engineer (Life Support) 2, Pilot (Spacecraft) 1, Engineer (Jump Drive 1), Gun Combat (Pistols) 0, Jack of Trades 1, Astrogation 1

Story:   Eneri has spent his life aboard the Rover and loves the ship like it is part of his actual family. He inherited command when his father passed away five years ago. As a trader he tries to stay as legitimate as he can, but does the odd extra-legal job here and there. After all, what is illegal cargo on one planet is probably legal somewhere else – the rest is just bureaucracy.

Mika Macklin-Stegenga

Age: 38, 1 Term Wanderer(Hitchhiker), 4 Terms (Free Trader Crew)

Str 6 (+0) Dex 7 (+0) End 8 (+0) Int 12 (+2) Edu 9 (+1) Soc 5 (-1)

Skills: Streetwise 1, Recon 0, Stealth 0, Vacc Suit 1, Persuade 1, Melee (Unarmed) 1, Jack of Trades 1, Computers 1, Gunner (Turrets) 2, Steward 1, Pilot (Spacecraft) 0, Medic 1, Gun Combat (Pistols) 0, Sensors 1, Animals (Farming) 0, Survival 0, Drive 0

Story: Mika left her home planet to see the stars. Life on a low tech agricultural world was not for her. She spent several years working passage and drifting from world to world. On one trip she met a young Free Trader and they have been together ever since. She has become skilled at many of the tasks required of a free trader crewman. She can put her hand to most things – from helping with the kid’s schooling to fighting off pirates as the ship’s gunner.

Will Macklin

Age: 36, 3 Terms Junk Dealer (Refurbisher), 1.5 Terms (Free Trader)

Str 10 (+1) Dex 7 (+0) End 8 (+0) Int 8 (+0) Edu 8 (+0) Soc 6 (+0)

Skills: Melee (Unarmed) 1, Investigate 0, Mechanic 2, Pilot (Small Craft) 2, Pilot (Starship) 0, Trade (Salvage/Repair) 1, Vacc Suit 1, Engineer (Maneuver Drives) 2, Engineer (Jump Drives) 2, Engineer (Electronics 1), Gun Combat (Rifles) 1, Jack of Trades 1, Computer 0.

Story: Will is the younger of the two Macklin boys. He left the ship when he was in his late teens and worked for a family friend, refurbishing old ships for sale. After their father died he returned to help his older brother run the ship and the family business. He is a skilled mechanic and ship’s engineer. Like his older brother he can put his hand to any pretty much any task required on a small starship. Six months ago he met Fujiko Harris at a startown bar. He thinks that she might be ‘the one’.

Fujiko Harris

Age: 26 2 Terms Entertainer (Performer)

Str 7 (+0) Dex 12 (+2) End 10 (+1) Int 7 (+0) Edu 6 (+0) Soc 4 (-1)

Skills: Art (Dancing) 3, Carouse 1, Deception 2, Persuade 1, Steward 0, Computer 0, Survival 0, Drive 0

Story: Good looking, leggy and from a poor family. Fujiko worked as a waitress and dancer in a startown bar on her homeworld when she met Will Macklin. After an on and off relationship (he was away a lot) she chucked her job and moved in with him. What her exact role on the ship entails is open to debate – but the kids like her.

Sha Macklin

Age 16, 0 Terms

Str 6 +0) Dex 9 (+1) End 7 (+0) Int 12 (+2) Edu 8 (+0) Soc 5 (-1)

Skills: Computer 2, Vacc Suit 0, Zero G 0

Story: The eldest of the Macklin children. At sixteen she is not sure what she wants to do in the future. She thinks that eventually her future will involve the Rover but in what capacity she is not sure. She is a natural with computers and is a talented programmer.

Steve Macklin

Age 14, 0 Terms

Str 7 (+0) Dex 7 (+0) End 8 (+0) Int 10 (+1) Edu 7 (+0) Soc 5 (-1)

Skills: Vacc Suit 0, Zero G 0, Art (Instrument) 1

Story: Steve is currently obsessed with music. He is quite talented and composes and performs. He wants to go to a music academy see where that takes him. Meanwhile, he has duties on the ship that include maintenance and cleaning – both of which he performs but with little enthusiasm.

Grif and Zander Macklin (The Twins)

Age 8, 0 Terms

Str 4 (-1) Dex 8 (+0) End 6 (+0) Int 10 (+1) Edu 5 (-1) Soc 5(-1)

Skills: Vacc Suit 0, Zero G 0, Computers 0

Story: Inseparable twins, they know every nook and cranny on the ship. Their favourite place is their ‘fort’ in the upper starboard crawlspace. Normal kids.

SHIP PLANS overleaf

Gyspy Rover Named


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