2000-Dton Heavy Merchant (Deck One)

As the big freighters go, it was bigger than most With a crew and good captain well seasoned

– Gordon Lightfoot

I have finally got the first deck completed. This is a large Jump 2 freighter with over half it’s displacement weight available for cargo.  It has a large crew of over twenty and sometimes carries supernumerary passengers.  It has excellent crew facilities and accommodations – including a large lounge and gym.  It is streamlined and with it’s contra-gravity generators is able to land on planets with atmospheres.  Landing legs (not shown) are located on the base of the vessel.

Galley and Mess - Heavy merchant
Galley and Mess

This deck contains the bridge and all crew accommodations and facilities and the main engineering control rooms.  Drives and powerplants are accessed by gangways on this level.

Heavy Merchant - Deck one Named WM

H/T – Colonialchrome and SWDPA.


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