Alternative 100Dton Scout/Courier

I was browsing Star Wars deckplans the other day on the internet and came across this ship – the CU-37 Light Courier and it’s extended version, the CU-37XL.  It looked as if it could be Traveller-ised. So here is a 100 Displacement Ton (Dton) Scout/Courier/Small Packet merchant.  This is a no-frills craft.

Performance is Jump 2, with Maneuver Drive 2 and a Type 2 Fusion Powerplant. The standard Traveller Scout/Courier has four staterooms that can accommodate up to eight people (at a stretch).  This vessel can also carry eight people, but staterooms are more sleeping pods – kind of like those coffin hotels in Japan (but brought as four normal Traveller staterooms). Beds can be stowed to provide a small desk or sitting area. There is one communal fresher and one head in this ship. A small galley (unusable when the forward entry ramp is deployed) and a crew lounge (really just the main passageway) are available to give the crew a bit more space.

Engineering pods containing the drives and power plant are located at pods at the end of the short wings, accessed through a connecting corridor.  This vessel carries a total of 32Dtons of fuel is bunkered in wing tanks and in two tanks at the rear of the ship.  This allows one Interstellar Jump 2 and an additional Jump1 without refueling. The vessel is streamlined and has fuel scoops and purifiers.

Aft is a small cargo bay that can hold an Air/Raft and up to 4 tons of cargo (8 tons if no Air/Raft is carried). A loading door is installed in the floor.  At the end of the ship is a standard docking airlock. The layout means that clambering over and around cargo is routine aboard this vessel.

There is one ventral turret that is controlled from the bridge.

CU-37XL Scout Courier (Alt)(H/T Star Wars Deck Plan Alliance)

High Guard Statistics:

Ship: LNV Simpson
Class: Type S
Type: Scout
Architect: League of Suns Naval
Tech Level: 11

S-1222221-030000-10001-0 MCr 58.142 100 Tons
Bat Bear               1          1      1   Crew: 2
Bat                        1          1      1   TL: 11

Cargo: 4 Crew Sections: 1 of 2 Fuel: 32 EP: 2 Agility: 1
Craft: 1 x 4T Air/Raft
Fuel Treatment: Fuel Scoops and On Board Fuel Purification

Architects Fee: MCr 0.581   Cost in Quantity: MCr 46.514

Detailed Description
(High Guard Design)

100.000 tons standard, 1,400.000 cubic meters, Cone Configuration

Pilot, Gunner

Jump-2, 2G Manuever, Power plant-2, 2.000 EP, Agility 1

Bridge, Model/2 Computer

1 Hardpoint

1 Triple Mixed Turret with: 1 Beam Laser (Factor-1), 1 Missile Rack (Factor-1).

1 Sandcaster in the Mixed Turret, organised into 1 Battery (Factor-3)

1 4.000 ton Air/Raft (Crew of 0, Cost of MCr 0.000)

32 Tons Fuel (3 parsecs jump and 28 days endurance)
On Board Fuel Scoops, On Board Fuel Purification Plant

4 Staterooms, 4 Tons Cargo


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