WIP – Heavy Merchant (2,000 Dtons)

My favourite role-playing game is Classic Traveller by Games Designer Workshop.  I love the whole concept of the Traveller RPG and even quite like the ‘official’ Traveller Universe. I have not done any Traveller Deck plans for ages and have had this one on the back-burner. Recently got it out and started work on it again.

This vessel is a reasonably large carrier with a reasonable sized crew. In Traveller RPG terms I am looking at a 2000 Displacement Ton ship.  So far have got the bridge and crew quarters mostly done. Still do do on this deck is to complete the engineering section and galley/mess and whatever else I can cram into the space available. This is about as big a ship that I would attempt at this scale – it just gets too hard.

I was also playing around with colour for an exterior shot. I am only using Microsoft Paint.

Heavy merchant - Exterior WIPThe Work in progress deck plan so far. A 50Dton Modular cutter for scale and a temporary cross section so I can figure where everything is supposed to go.

Heavy Merchant - Deck one


5 thoughts on “WIP – Heavy Merchant (2,000 Dtons)”

  1. Hi Scott. I have not played Traveller in ages but it is probably the one RPG that you can play on your own – especially if you are a GM. Creating maps and deckplans is like gaming in it’s own right. Got a group of guys who are always hassling me to run something. So who knows.


    1. Interesting – whats the setting like, if its easy to describe? I used to love the PC game Elite – and its spacetrader/bounty hunter /explorer theme ( and am sorely tempted to buy the new version, once I upgrade my PC) so an RPG in that kind of setting would certainly appeal…


      1. The canon setting is a large empire consisting of approximately 11,000 worlds (Earth is one of them) in about the 51st Century give or take. Apart from the FTL Jump Drive and anti-gravity there is no real “wow” science as such so in many ways it is a gritty sci-fi setting rather than a space opera setting (like Star Trek). Have a look at this site to get an idea of the ‘official’ setting. A zoom-able map that is just a lot of fun.

        and this part is my ‘unofficial’ campaign area within that setting – well away from the big players of intergalactic events.


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