Dad’s Dog Tag

I made a fortuitous discovery inside an old cup in the china cabinet. My father’s World War Two identity tag.  I had not seen this in many a year and thought it had been lost in a move. I was incredibly relieved to have found it.

It has his nationality (N.Z), service number (633301), religion (C.E = Church of England), Blood group (O) and of course his Surname and initials (SMALLER, B.C.D).

I am not sure what the material it is made of is. It almost feels like a hard leather rather than metal. Any help here would be appreciated.

Dog tag 1


3 thoughts on “Dad’s Dog Tag”

  1. I actually remember that tag Brian, and I always wondered about the material it was made of. I thought that maybe Dad might have made a copy of his original one – it has all the signs of him finding a letter punch and having a go!


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