F Coy, 1/24th Foot (Zulu Wars)

F Coy, 1/24th Foot was commanded by Capt Mostyn and was positioned approximately in the centre of the British Line and engaged units of the Zulu Chest before pulling back to the camp and being overrun.

This is the last unit that I will have painted this year. I had already given them an undercoat but got around to painting them yesterday.  Today I got them varnished and finished off the bases.  I already had the two officers painted so there were only fourteen miniatures to complete the unit.  Figures are Black Tree Designs and one solitary Redoubt Miniature officer figure.

I now have five companies of the 24th Foot (1st Batn) completed. Need to do another two for the 24th Foot 2nd Batn and then move on to the Natal Native Horse, Colonial Mounted troops, some Imperial Mounted infantry and several more companies of the Natal Native Contingent.

E Company 1

E Company 2

E Company 3

E Company 4

E Company 5


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