100 Dton Jump 6 Racing Yacht

Something different today. A starship completely useless for pretty much anything other than competing in starship racing. This ship is built at Tech Level 15 (GURPS Tech Level 12). I used GURPS because as far as I can make out it is almost impossible to make a Jump 6 ship at 100dtons using High Guard without using Fuel Drop tanks. This is effectively the same ship that is in the GURPS: Nobles module.  I preferred fixed wings on my version so there you are.

It has a crew of five who live in incredibly cramped quarters – there are eight bunks (stacked four high along the central hull).   Normal crew is Captain/Pilot, Relief Pilot, Navigator and two engineers.  One fresher is shared by all and ‘living space’ is tight.  The vessel is mostly  fuel and engines.  Fuel is stored in the wings and other hull spaces not mapped.  It is has radical streamlining and is constructed out of extra light materials.  There are no hardpoints so the vessel is unarmed.  It is capable of Jump6 and 3G acceleration.

100dton Racing Yacht TL15 Outlines

100dton Racing Yacht TL15 Named



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