Type S Scout/Courier

Alongside the Beowulf and Empress Mavara class Traders, the starship that screams Traveller is the Type S Suleiman Scout/Courier.  I can hardly remember a Traveller games for the last three decades when a Type S didn’t make an appearance somewhere along the story line.

Everyone and their dog has done a version of this ship and this is mine.  I always wanted to see lateral airlocks on this ship, so I have added them.  I have also rearranged the cargo and air/raft bay somewhat. I am not sure that it all actually fits inside the hull (there will be some pretty odd shapes in there) but it is all ‘close enough’ for me.

The deck layout plan:


Deck Plans

Scout Courier Named


4 thoughts on “Type S Scout/Courier”

  1. I’d suggest an engineering station in the engine room. It would also provide a secure chair for a fourth crew member in a combat situation. Although I suppose the toilet isn’t the worst place to have your ‘battlestation’ position.

    I love the deck plans series. Do more.


    1. Ha ha. Yeah – waste extraction may not be the most important battle station but someone has to do it. Cheers for that – will take it on board for a future update.


      1. True. It doesn’t have the spread of a sandcaster, but the pieces have greater mass. Sort of like grapeshot vs. canister.


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