50 D-ton Modular Cutter (Traveller)

Some more WIP shots of one of my favourite of all Traveller vessels – the 50Dton Modular Cutter.   I was first introduced to deck plans for this ship in Supplement 7: Traders and Gunboats.

Sup7 Tand G

In recent years I got the GURPS Traveller supplement dedicated to this vessel.  One of the better GURPS Traveller books, it is chock full of plans for cutters, cutter modules for every application and jump shuttles for moving modules from star system to star system.

Mod Cutter cover

First off, plan views of the modular cutter showing the vessel with and without a module attached.

Modular Cutter Plan

Side on views of the same vessel with a crewman for scale.

Modular Cutter Side

Coming next – deckplans and some of the more common modules encountered.

Credit – crewman from Brook West (c)2002.


4 thoughts on “50 D-ton Modular Cutter (Traveller)”

  1. Hi – Brook West here. I don’t mind your using my crewman for scale, but I would appreciate an acknowledgement.

    Thanks – Brook


    1. Hi Brook – one added. I credited you in the module post but forgot in this one. Sorry mate – no thievery intended.


      1. No problem, Brian. I did see the other post and your acknowledgement there. You do some primo work here and I’m glad to have found your site. I intend to check back here regularly to see what eles you come up with. 🙂


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