Deckplans for Denoba Class Far Trader

Finished these last night. Hope you can get some use from them.  For Traveller players, fuel storage is in wings.  MS Paint is a pretty simple tool but I am quite happy with the results I got from it.

denoba completed

I had fun doing this, although it took longer than I thought. Might crack out a bulk carrier next.


11 thoughts on “Deckplans for Denoba Class Far Trader”

    1. Thanks – but like I said – I have copied bits of components from all over the internet. No point reinventing the wheel. Just building on work by others.


      1. I realize that this post is over a year old but do you have a template of parts that you use or is it all freehand? If there is a template, would you be interested in sharing it?


    1. I used to love Ace Garp – it was a different comic strip. Feek the Freak – the best engineer in the space lanes!

      I have years of Traveller stuff – I have been a Traveller player since 1978 I think.


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