Zulu Wars: The Bender of Kings (Black Tree Designs)

My third regiment rolls off the production line. Another four day effort for a thirty-six figure unit.  I am really enjoying painting these miniatures.

This unit is the InGobamakhosi (“The Bender of Kings”) regiment.   This regiment was an unmarried regiment that was formed in 1872/73.  It was present at Islandlwana and several other major engagements of the war.

The unit carried mixed shields, which was great because painting over thirty Zulu shields at a time can be quite tedious.

InGobamakhosi 1

InGobamakhosi 2

InGobamakhosi 3

InGobamakhosi 4

InGobamakhosi 5

InGobamakhosi 6

InGobamakhosi 7

5 thoughts on “Zulu Wars: The Bender of Kings (Black Tree Designs)”

    1. My current stock of Zulus are all done. Three weeks to get four units completed. Three regiments and a small unit of skirmishers. Best output I have had in ages.


    1. That will be the next step. Off to Wellington for a week and plan to have a game with what I have got next weekend.


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