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28mm Zulu Impi

I have not done anything on this project for a while. Got side-tracked by other things and real life.

I have made all my Zulu regiments 36 figures so far. All are individually based on 25mm rounds that slot into custom made six slot sabot bases. Sitting in boxes are about the same number of miniatures in unpainted lead.  Almost all the models are Black Tree Designs. Their regular sales make them appealing for the budget conscious wargamer. I brought some plastic Warlord Games Zulus and British infantry during one of their sprue sales but to be honest, once I got them I was just not happy with them. Great miniatures but lacking the heft that I like. There are a few Redoubt Miniatures in the Impi so far – mostly command figures.

My intention is to make all the regiments that fought at Isandlwana.  I certainly think that Zulus look just fantastic on the table top in numbers.

reduc_IMG_3886 reduc_IMG_3887 reduc_IMG_3888 reduc_IMG_3892 reduc_IMG_3893 reduc_IMG_3900

Zulu Wars: The Bender of Kings (Black Tree Designs)

My third regiment rolls off the production line. Another four day effort for a thirty-six figure unit.  I am really enjoying painting these miniatures.

This unit is the InGobamakhosi (“The Bender of Kings”) regiment.   This regiment was an unmarried regiment that was formed in 1872/73.  It was present at Islandlwana and several other major engagements of the war.

The unit carried mixed shields, which was great because painting over thirty Zulu shields at a time can be quite tedious.

InGobamakhosi 1

InGobamakhosi 2

InGobamakhosi 3

InGobamakhosi 4

InGobamakhosi 5

InGobamakhosi 6

InGobamakhosi 7

Zulu Wars: inDlondlo Regiment (Black Tree Designs)

Last week between Tuesday and Friday I finished off another 36 figure Zulu regiment.   I think I spent about ten hours in total over the four days on this unit, including the basing.

This unit is a married regiment – the inDlondlo (Black Mamba). This regiment was formed in 1857 and most of it’s warriors were in their early forties. This regiment was in the reserve at Isandlwana and participated in the attack on Rorke’s Drift. It was also present at several other major engagements of the war, including the final battle at Ulundi in July 1879.




This regiment contains a number of men with muskets and rifles.



I am really happy with how the red and white shields came out.





Zulu Wars: iNdluyengwe Regiment (Black Tree Designs)

The iNdluyengwe Regiment was raised in 1866. At the time of the Ango-Zulu Wars it was mostly comprised of warriors in their early thirties. It was designated ‘Unmarried’ in 1879. At Isandlwana it formed part of the reserve and did not get committed to the attack on the British camp. It was part of the force that attacked Rorke’s Drift later in the day and suffered heavy casualties in that action. Elements of the regiment fought at other engagements in the war including the final battle at Ulundi.

This unit is composed entirely of Black Tree Designs Zulus. They are really nice figures and are a real pleasure to paint.  As anyone contemplating a Zulu Army knows, you have to paint a lot of them.  I am going for 36 figure regiments, based six to a stand.  To that end I have taken a few painting short-cuts but I think that they still look pretty good despite that. This regiment took me from Tuesday last week until Friday to complete, painting mostly in the evening.