WIP: Zulus – another 48 on the bench

I haven’t posted anything for a while – been busy painting and working. Not necessarily in that order.

Some work in progress shots of my next two Zulu regiments – which will use up all the 120 Zulus I got from Trademe a few months back. After that I have some plastic Zulu Wars British primed then it is back to Napoleonics until reserve Impi arrive at the Woolshed.

First off another 36 figure Impi.

WIP Zulu 1

WIP Zulu 2

and twelve musket and rifle armed skirmishers

WIP Zulu 3





2 thoughts on “WIP: Zulus – another 48 on the bench”

    1. Been a busy time. I have managed to get all 120 of the metal Zulus done (or pretty much done) in under three weeks. Quite happy with that:) Best Trademe purchase I have made in years I think. Thanks for selling them!


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