Zulu Wars: inDlondlo Regiment (Black Tree Designs)

Last week between Tuesday and Friday I finished off another 36 figure Zulu regiment.   I think I spent about ten hours in total over the four days on this unit, including the basing.

This unit is a married regiment – the inDlondlo (Black Mamba). This regiment was formed in 1857 and most of it’s warriors were in their early forties. This regiment was in the reserve at Isandlwana and participated in the attack on Rorke’s Drift. It was also present at several other major engagements of the war, including the final battle at Ulundi in July 1879.




This regiment contains a number of men with muskets and rifles.



I am really happy with how the red and white shields came out.





4 thoughts on “Zulu Wars: inDlondlo Regiment (Black Tree Designs)”

  1. I have another two units of Zulus on the painting table. Another 36 figure regiment and a small unit of 12 skirmishers. That will be all the Zulus I have currently got until more arrive from the UK.


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