Slow week at the Woolshed (WIP report)

I have only ‘finished’ one item this week – a building. Needed to do something other than painting miniatures so decided to make a few more buildings for my Conflix-style village. So one building finished and another almost ready for undercoating.


These new structures are made from a body of foam core rather than the insulation polystyrene mentioned in the linked article.  Other than that the techniques used are the same as in the tutorial linked to above. I usually work from a highly detailed set of plans like the one in the picture below.


The interior foam board construction.


Ready for painting.


Also took some time to make some more stone fences. The road outside was being resurfaced and I took the opportunity to fill up a few bags of stone chips. Probably have enough to last me a lifetime of making stone fences. In the background are some French hussars that are also being worked on at the moment – although I should say being sat and stared at because a brush hasn’t been near them in ages.



6 thoughts on “Slow week at the Woolshed (WIP report)”

    1. They certainly do. That is what I originally brought them for – for terrain for Warhammer Fantasy. I have seen a lot of them in use in other genres though – they do work. I liked Eric the Shed’s English village for his VBCW games – mostly made with Conflix. I think they double as Nottingham for his Robin Hood games as well. Mine get use as Napoleonic villages and for my new Pirate town.


  1. Nice to see more buildings being developed. I always admired your original houses, but that gatehouse one is absolutely gorgeous.

    And I agree that this slightly ‘fantasy’ look works well for many historical genres. It is the very fact that they are rather generic that makes them fit in so many settings, whereas a building designed to fit a specific setting often won’t work so well elsewhere.


    1. I have a few more on the drawing board at the moment. Trying to be a little more inventive. Someone on TMP has done a similar construction and in the thread there someone asked about how sturdy they were. Let’s say I would rather drop one of my homemade ones than an actual Confix resin building. My one would bounce.


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