28mm Spanish Infantry Brigade Completed

It only took most of the year but I have finally finished my first Spanish infantry brigade. With my British troops already painted I could actually have a Peninsular War game now – as long as the Anglo-Spanish don’t want any cavalry support.

Marching in the bright Spanish sun is the Milicias de Prov de Oviedo.  You can tell that by the flag – apparently.


The battalion deploys for battle.  These are Perry Miniatures Carlist war infantry. The Basque berets are not exactly right but who cares I say.

ImageThe eagle eyed among you may spot an Elite Miniatures regular officer leading this regiment.


Three battalions of Militia head off to face the French. The battalion in the background is made of Brigade Games Spanish Militia and can be seen here.

ImageAnother shot of the Oviedo Militia marching through a small village.

ImageTheir brigade is joined by a battalion of Regulars from the La Reina Regiment.

ImageThe brigade deployed for battle with partisans on the flank to harry the French.

Image Next step in this army is the raising of some cavalry support. Elite Miniatures Australia is now selling Spanish dragoons, so I will get some of those in due course.

5 thoughts on “28mm Spanish Infantry Brigade Completed”

  1. A superb-looking brigade, Brian.

    I’m also very much looking forward to hearing about your final choice of Spanish monks and priests – a great idea and one which I plan on shamelessly appropriating for myself (assuming that will be OK with your good self, of course).

    All the best,



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