Quick and functional Wet Palette

After reading about Wet Palettes I decided to knock one up and give it a go. I am rapt with the result. Paint stays wet, hardly any wastage, easy to mix colours. A few people on The Miniatures Page asked how I made it so here goes.  I made this one while waiting for the jug to boil so I am guessing it took about two minutes flat.

First off, I used a plain plastic deli container like this.


Two sheets of paper towel were folded up and wedged into the bottom of the container. Some people use sponges, but in this case I was using what I have. To get a sponge is an 80km round trip into town.  Continuing- I put in about two tablespoons of water to soak into the paper towel – use your judgement here. If it is not damp, then use more, if it is too wet – you have just wasted two paper kitchen towels.


I cut out a round of baking paper (also called cooking paper) and shoved that down on top.


And there you have it. A wet palette. The one of the left I made two days ago and the paint is still not dry.


I can see how this will really help as the temperatures start to rise here at the Woolshed in summer.

Give it a go – you wont regret it.


2 thoughts on “Quick and functional Wet Palette”

  1. Hi Mark.
    I had never heard about them until last summer when I was moaning about my paint drying too quickly. I only just got around to trying it out.


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