Shaky Isles

New Zealand is also known as The Shaky Isles. It is living up to it’s name today. We have had a swarm of earthquakes all day. Just had a 6.9 rumble through. The house was rocking and rolling.  It was shallow – only 19km. Fortunately it was centered at sea. Here’s hoping the damage is not bad. I cannot get hold of home at the Woolshed. Phones are out.  Lots of aftershocks.

Here is a link to the Geonet info about the quake.

UPDATE: Got hold of my son back at home – everything seems OK. He will get up on the roof tomorrow to check the chimney.  He went over to the Woolshed and said all the cabinets holding my models were still attached to the walls. He said the water in the swimming pool was sloshing right out of the pool.

UPDATE 2: Another aftershock just jolted the house. There have been a few hundred small quakes since yesterday I think. Some people will be getting motion sickness 🙂

2 thoughts on “Shaky Isles”

  1. I was at the place I stay in Wellington and I had some models jump about and a few tipped over. No damage. Back home I tied all my cabinets and bigger its of furniture back to walls so they won’t fall over – seems to have worked. Of course, what has happened inside my storage cabinets is something I will find out when I head home on Friday. Had a shake last night that woke me up about 3:15am. I don’t think the ground has stopped moving totally in the last 24 hours 🙂


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