ANZAC Day, 2013

Lest we forget.


And the man who saved my father’s life while giving his own. They were in a farmhouse that was being shelled. Dad said the wall was blown in next to him and Lt Keith Cave blocked the hole with his own body to prevent fragments from subsequent shells from  entering the room.  Dad said he felt the shell fragments what killed Lt Cave hit him.  My father is still alive at 88 years of age and has five children, 13 grandchildren and god knows how many Great- and Great-Great grandchildren.


Lt Keith Cave is buried in Forli War Cemetery in Italy.



4 thoughts on “ANZAC Day, 2013”

  1. I was intrigued to find your blog while researching the Sillaro attack. The Gods of luck were certainly shining on your father that day and the selfless act of Lieutenant Cave. My great uncle Charlie Jackson of New Plymouth like Lieutenant Cave was also killed on or around 14 April 1945 in the same battle and has no known grave. He may well have been known to your father. The 2nd battalion war diary of the battle is a chilling read with deaths occurring through both german and friendly fire on terrain providing little cover. One can only admire the bravery and stoicism shown by these men.


  2. Thanks for your comments. My father was awarded the Military Medal for his actions on the night of the 13/14th April, 1945. I am calling him tomorrow night so will ask if he remembers you Great Uncle. His mental acuity and memory is still spot on so I suspect he will.


  3. Thanks for that. Any help I can get to determine even the platoon he belonged to would be useful but I realize that it is a big ask to remember someone after 70 years. Charlie was a late reinforcement to 2 DivNZEF in late 1944- early 1945. He came over from 3rd Div NZEF when it disbanded. Might be the last chance of solving the lack of official information surrounding his death.


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