The Big Dry

What has this post got to do with wargaming?

It is too bloody hot to paint.

In the last two months we have had about half a day of light rain that barely wet the ground before it evaporated.  Pretty much the entire North Island of New Zealand is now officially in drought. The only places we have any green grass is where there is shade from trees – fortunately I have a few big trees on the property.  Everywhere else the grass is being burnt away. Got quite a lot of bare patches in some paddocks already.  We are feeding the cows the apples, grapefruit and veges we would normally reserve for preserving and eating.


Here is a link to a news item on the drought.

I hope we get some rain soon. The sheep are going to be culled this week. Not enough feed for them. I might have to get another freezer.

The only thing keeping a bit of greenery in our valley are the morning river mists. They have been quite heavy but it burns off by about 0800.


Of course, we have a lifestyle block. Our livelihood is not threatened by the drought. The farmers around us are stressing.  Already they are having to use the supplementary feed that should be used for winter.

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