Portuguese Infantry (Warlord Games)

I got a couple of boxes of Warlord Games plastic Portuguese infantry a few years ago off Scott at Kapiti Hobbies.  They sat undercoated and ready to paint on my table for the best part of three years whilst I was in the midst of my painting block. However, I decided to get cracking on them and finished them last week.

The Warlord Games set comes with 24 figures. Twenty are plastic and there are four metal command figures. The standard bearers come with wire flagstaffs with very pointy spear points. Be aware that they will jab you under the finger nail if you are not careful and draw blood. The figures come basically as one part miniatures to which you glue the backpack and the head variant you want – Barrentina or Stovepipe shakos and a head in a fatigue cap.  I went with the barrentina shakos to match my earlier period Portuguese infantry already painted.

These figures are OK but are plastic. Which means I have been my usual paranoid self when it comes to fretting about broken bayonets. Some of the figures have some dodgy moulding – cuffs that merge into ration bags for instance, but on the whole they are pretty clean.

These guys will pass muster on the tabletop but not so much for close up scrutiny. I did not use the flag sheet that came with the box, but printed off a sheet of Portuguese flags I found on the internet and used two. I know they are not right for the regiment – one of the ones with red cuffs and piping – but frankly, I don’t give a rat’s arse about that. They look vaguely Portuguese so that is good enough for me.

5 thoughts on “Portuguese Infantry (Warlord Games)”

  1. Nice work again on these Brian. The thing that has put me off plastic figures in the past is the assembly but from your description these appeared quite straightforward.


  2. Reckon these fine looking men will pass close up scrutiny well enough too. And I’ve learned something. Feel a bit foolish having to research barretina shakos…


  3. You have done a very nice job on these Brian. I have painted about six boxes and have another en route from Caliver as I type. I understand your comment about some of the sculpting but I think for the cost they are a great alternative to metal figures and are superior to quite a few metal ranges I have used. Also agree about ease of assembly – like perry plastics, not TOO many variations, unlike Victrix, which I found to be a real pain to put together!


    1. Hi Keith – thanks for the comment. I have a couple of battalions of Victrix British infantry and they were a pain. I have a lot of Victrix sprues – like a whole box full that I got in a deal I couldn’t refuse. I was going to on-sell them but will probably keep them as bayonet/arm replacements for the units I did make and paint.


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