DnD 5e Primeval Thule

Yes, I am actually still alive. I have done no painting or modelling all year. But I have not been totally idle. Well, actually I have been bone idle but that is another story.

I have been bitten by a nostalgia bug and have started playing DnD 5e. Not exactly how I remember DnD from the early 80s but I am enjoying my foray into this game. I am running a small game set in the Primeval Thule setting by Sasquatch Games.

Quodeth - part
My game is set in the city of Quodeth. I have the city map but I found it a bit hard to read so I made some alterations to it.  I used PAINT.net to add a layer for the labels and another for the buildings.

For a full map click the this pdf link.Quodeth City of Thieves New


5 thoughts on “DnD 5e Primeval Thule”

  1. Great to see a new post Brian, and the full map looks most impressive. I’m sure they have modelled some of the developments around Sanctuary Cove on parts of this, although I believe I’d prefer to live in Quodeth.


  2. I also got the nostalgia bug and started playing DnD 5e, after decades of no RPGs. Instead of a pregenerated world or theme, I invented my own oceanic campaign across dozens of archipellagos. I also incorporated a lot of old feel AD&D devices to make it 1980 again. It must be working well, because my players haven’t quit or complained after 12 months of playing. 🙂

    Glad to see you back!


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