An Autumn Walk

It was more like 21km and 12km of it was uphill. In a few of the pictures you can see the old Coach Road (abandoned nearly a century ago) that serviced the remote hill farms. They were abandoned when a new road was cut along the river valley in the mid-20s and the farmers built new homesteads along the new road.

And we were sore the next few days.


Mummy and daddy at the start of their tramp. Mummy and daddy at the start of their tramp.

Greeting loyal readers and fellow maremmas.  Early on Saturday morning, mummy and daddy abandoned left Us three and went off in Mummy’s little white car.  87 hours later they came home, very tired, with muddy feet  and moaning about sore muscles.  As if We all cared.  It would appear that they had been on a 15 km (nearly 9 miles) tramp up (in as one would say in New Zealand) the wop wops.  Which in this case was 30k (18 miles) up the road to almost the end of the Mangamahu Valley.

Lunch time was at an abandoned old farm-house, referred to by the locals as Siberia because of its remoteness.

Mummy’s muddy paws.IMG_5761

Stunning scenery.  Now you can all see why We live in the sunny Mangamahu Valley.  Love from Nellie, Jasper and Itai, who by the way are…

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