Kentucky Volunteers – War of 1812 (Old Glory)

More from the 1812 archives box.  Kentucky Volunteers from Old Glory. These miniatures are very cool – good poses and crisp castings.  From what I remember from ten years or more ago, they were pretty easy to paint. Like most of my research I relied on memory and seeing a few pictures online so no real apologies for the accuracy or otherwise of their garb. I am not even sure they carried standards but wanted some so there you are.

I think they were designed with skirmishing in mind but I thought they made a great firing line.
Converted standard bearers. There were none in the Old Glory bag so it was off with some muskets and on with flag staffs.
The flag is pretty much of my own invention. I looked at some militia flags online and that is what I ended up with.
The US flag is from Warflags if I remember correctly.
More buckskins.
I was doing these bases with the edges cut off – one of our old gaming buddies had AWI armies based like that and I really liked it at the time so copied it.


The Mounted Kentucky Volunteers. One thing about Old Glory ‘Bags o’ Troops’ that I don’t like is the cavalry bags. You get ten figures. I would rather have twelve. While OK for War of 1812 which didn’t see much use of cavalry, it would be annoying doing regular Napoleonic cavalry units under most rule systems.

These mounted figures are however very nice. Good poses – riders seem relaxed in the saddle. The animation is fantastic.

The whole unit.
The Commanding Officer.
Advancing in skirmish order.
Front view.

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