US Infantry War of 1812 (Old Glory)

From my ‘What I discovered in a box’ archive.  Two regiments of American regulars. One in the familiar grey and one in brown.  These are Old Glory figures. The usual mix of really good poses and a few of the traditional Old Glory “animated” figures.

You may notice that the first regiment pictured has a rifle regiment flag.  I know it is the wrong colour but back in 2004 I didn’t and I cannot be buggered changing it.  One day perhaps.

reduc_IMG_3753 reduc_IMG_3754 reduc_IMG_3755 reduc_IMG_3756 reduc_IMG_3757 reduc_IMG_3758 reduc_IMG_3759 reduc_IMG_3760 reduc_IMG_3761 reduc_IMG_3762

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