American Rifleman – War of 1812 (Old Glory)

With the Woolshed well on the way to being wargame friendly once again, I thought I might do some posts on my War of 1812 Yanks.  I painted these way back in about 2003 I think it was. I paint in a different style now but I still like these guys. A bit glossy, colours not quite right and not much shading – they are what they are.  I do remember how proud I was of the freehand ‘US’ on canteens and backpacks. Nowadays you can get decals for that. Time marches on…..

These miniatures are Old Glory figures from their excellent War of 1812 range. There are some really nice models in this range. I have bags of them unpainted in my lead mountain.  They are at the smaller end of 28mm but stand up well alongside newer ranges.

reduc_IMG_3763 reduc_IMG_3764 reduc_IMG_3765 reduc_IMG_3766 reduc_IMG_3767 reduc_IMG_3768 reduc_IMG_3769 reduc_IMG_3770

2 thoughts on “American Rifleman – War of 1812 (Old Glory)”

  1. Nice work – I have OG US Riflemen too but in the standard uniform, not fringed hunting shirts. Mine are in an even more violently bright green, but in my defence, that’s what seems to be suggested in the uniform plates I used as a guide about three years ago. Most of my US forces are OG, as are the non standard Brits – like Marines and the W India Regt – and again, I agree they are mostly nice figures. I have a very few Knuckleduster and I think OG are just as good if not better….

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    1. Yeah – I would probably do it differently now. But they are what they are. I am actually planning on re-basing these War of 1812 troops.


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