Napoleonic Stragglers and walking wounded

My troops, both French and British have finished the winter campaign season and have returned home to their barracks in the Woolshed. They have fought at Waterloo three times, Quatra Bras and Ligny over a three month period. They covered themselves with glory, except for the last game when I was commanding my own troops and made two command rolls in five turns of Black Powder gaming.

I was unable to attend the first two games due to work and family double-bookings so dropped my guys off to the Waterloo Commemoration Game coordinator’s place way back in June.  On the way, I was about two kilometers from his place when a guy pulled out of a gas station right in front of me forcing me to brake way heavier than I wanted to. I heard the models jump around and was too afraid to even look in the boxes – I left that for Paul.

Well after three months my guys are home and I assessed the damage. You know, I was pleasantly surprised. Nothing that cannot be fixed with a few hours work one evening.  I did learn one thing – my fears for the strength of my Victrirx British infantry were well founded. All the damage to my Brits was to Victrix miniatures. None of the metal infantry had so much as a bent bayonet and the Perry plastics came through totally unscathed.

damaged models1
Two boxes of British and French arrive home.
This Victrix sergeant of the 43rd now has a bayonet that turns about 45 degrees from where it should – currently hanging by a thread of plastic.
The King’s Colour of the 69th has been shot away – once again Victrix figures.

This sergeant of the 69th has had his pike shot away (Victrix figures)
The sole metal casualties of the campaign. This poor Connoisseur French Chasseur has had his hand taken off by a canon shot.

As far as stragglers go – one base of Perry British Riflemen. I am sure they will straggle in over the next few months.

2 thoughts on “Napoleonic Stragglers and walking wounded”

  1. Brian, your story of damage made my sphincter tighten as I prepare to transfer nearly 2,000 figures, 76 guns and 28 1:600 ships to Rotorua for our annual week of gaming. In previous years there have there has been only slight damage, like yours, but always in the back of the mind is “…but what if..?” and I have never taken so many of my little men away before!


    1. Like I said – I was so lucky. If I had been going a few kph faster I would have had to slam on the breaks way harder. As it was I just dropped the jumbled mess off at Paul’s place and couldn’t look at them.

      Drive with plenty of distance between you and anyone in front of you 🙂


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