And the rain came down

Guess what – it is raining. Raining a lot. The flood warning has the river that runs through our valley peaking tonight about midnight. We are already cut off – first it was slips and then the river breached it’s banks. We have been moving neighbour’s stock to higher ground and keeping an eye on their place as they are away but now it is dark it is a matter of waiting to see what tomorrow will bring.

Why we couldn’t get out of the valley this morning.  While we were there you could hear trees up the bluff breaking and more slips started coming down so it was a quick u-turn and out of there.



Why we can’t get out now. The same spot this afternoon – under at least two metres of water already.


Some views around the Woolshed.

I half expected to see Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn on some of these rafts. Just a continuous stream of trees going down river.


Surface water in our front paddock.
This is the foot bridge between the house and the Woolshed. About a foot and a half under water when this was taken.

But at least we have power and the internet. The 21st Century has not abandoned us…..yet.

3 thoughts on “And the rain came down”

  1. No – all my war games stuff tucked away nice and dry this time. Running on a generator at the moment as power is out. Slips have cut us off completely. At least a week. Could be getting a bit low on some food by then but in mean time have a freezer of meat to eat our way through.


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