More Anzacs and Turks

Yesterday after work I went to Weta to do more painting. There was only The Armchair General’s son there and soon after I was left alone for the evening.  Apologies for the poor photographs but I left my camera at home and could only use my rather old and crappy phone camera that has a resolution of about 3 pixels – and I don’t mean 3mp.  The workshop we have been working in was freezing – an blast of cold has come up from Antarctica and I swear Mirimar is the coldest hole in New Zealand.

I drilled and pinned over a hundred more casualties – Turk, Kiwis and Gloucestershires. I only managed to do two drill throughs – well I was getting tired.  The drilling is one thing – cutting all those brass pins is another.



I also painted about fifteen crouching Kiwis waiting to go into the attack. These were done from scratch rather than fix-up jobs. Also six wounded – four for the Maori contingent and two others.




Finally – and there is no photo – I repainted and freshened up fifteen Turkish officers and another thirty charging Turk infantry. This was mostly dry brushing to tone down some colours and I had to totally paint the rifles and equipment on these guys.  All in all I think I had a pretty good evening at the painting bench, even if I was freezing my raho off.

For more information on this project visit the official blog site.

2 thoughts on “More Anzacs and Turks”

  1. Thanks Scott – no more than lots of others. Paul Goldstone has probably done 300 Turks by now. Got another 16 trench diggers to get done tonight.


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