Some more work for the Diorama

I knocked off these 25 casualty figures last Saturday night when everyone else was at the pub and I had to work. Alan Perry did manage to buy me a beer though.

anzac diorama pub
A well earned drink (or two)

I seemed to become the Dremmel King and must have drilled holes in about a thousand casualty figures in the past week for the mounting pins to be inserted. Had several figures with air bubbles inside – one of which sort of exploded and took off across the workshop at 20,000 rpm when I let go of it in fright.

There are a lot of Turkish casualty figures in this diorama.

A big bunch of painters were beavering away at Weta over the weekend. The painting side is definitely nearing the end-game.  I have another twenty or so Anzacs to paint and hopefully will have them finished today.

anzac diorama painting 11 may
The Crew at Weta

2 thoughts on “Some more work for the Diorama”

  1. Looking great Brian. Very envious of this and the NZ gaming community. You should all be extremely proud of what is happening and you are all a part of such a project of true national pride and remembrance! Sensational.


    1. Yes it is Carlo. One day I will blog a bit more about what this project has done for me personally. In the meantime – more painting 🙂


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