Ten Anzacs finished.

I have finally got these guys finished and they should be winging their way to The Armchair General tomorrow. My last lot are ten Turkish officers who are almost done as well. A wee bit more on them to do. Probably be the last person to get their models done and in but I have been having a hard time getting painting in recently. My personal circumstances have changed and I have a lot less time to paint now when I am away from the Woolshed and I can only take a small selection of my modelling paints/equipment away with me due to lack of room in my new accommodations.

Saying that these figures were really nice to paint. All the same pose but that is OK – meant I didn’t have to think too hard.  I tried to vary the shirts a bit, with khaki through to dark denim colour. Hopefully they wont look out of place in the diorama.






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