ANZAC Diorama – Progress on my first figures

I have finally got started on my first batch of figures. Twenty Turkish infantry.  Quite enjoyable to paint these but I have discovered two things – I am going to need some new brushes once this lot is done and I am crap at painting belts in any scale. I guess my infantry will hide amongst all the others and no-one will notice.   Still to do on Batch One – Belts, ammo pouches, canteens and rifles.  Hopefully all done on these by tomorrow evening.

Another use for insulation foam
Progress is being made.
Rifle and pouches to go.
A lot of charging Turks
A shot of my new work desk.

My second batch arrived yesterday – Ten New Zealanders and ten Turkish officers armed with pistols and canes. Looking forward to knocking that lot off in the next two weeks.

For more information on the project and to see how others are faring – check the dedicated Anzac Diorama Blog.

6 thoughts on “ANZAC Diorama – Progress on my first figures”

  1. They are looking good Brian. Hopefully PJ will run a camera or two over the finished product so the rest of the world can see this display.
    BTW your desk is way too neat….



    1. Too neat – that made me laugh. Actually I only got that desk last weekend at a School Fete – this is the first painting I have done at it.


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