28mm 23rd (Royal Welsh) Fusiliers (Connoisseur Miniatures)

I had these guys for almost as long as I have had my son who is twenty next birthday.  They were the first British infantry I ever tried to paint and I gave up after about ten minutes and they have sat in a box semi painted ever since. At the start of the year I decided to knock the bastards off.

Old Connoisseur Miniatures. I know that the fusiliers didn’t wear their bearskins in the Peninsular but twenty years ago I didn’t and nowadays I don’t really care – especially seeing as I have an army that includes the Loamshire Volunteers.







6 thoughts on “28mm 23rd (Royal Welsh) Fusiliers (Connoisseur Miniatures)”

    1. So true. I was hoping to find another manufacturer of fusiliers for this period but couldn’t so stuck with these Connoisseur ones. They don’t look too bad with my hodge-podge army made up of units from different manufacturers.


    1. Most slap dash paint job I have done in ages. Just wanted them over and done with. Actually I have a regiment of French Hussars that has been on the painting table even longer than these guys. Probably 7/10ths done but I just can’t seem to get them finished. This year maybe.


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